FSCJ Artist Series: Reza, Edge of Illusion
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FSCJ Artist Series: Reza, Edge of Illusion

Jan 14, 2024 | 6:30 PM

REZA has taken the art of illusion to a new level, delivering his rock
concert style magic show to audiences across the globe.

Don’t expect rabbits out of hats! Reza's current tour transports concert level lighting &
production merged with the most incredible cutting-edge magic in existence today. Reza
has garnered a world-wide buzz and loyal fan base with his passion for creating
signature grand-scale illusions such as making motorcycles and helicopters materialize
out of thin air!

Reza’s unique brand of illusion has landed him on popular reality shows across 31
countries, including recent US TV appearances on A&E’s Duck Dynasty and The CW’s
Penn & Teller : Fool Us.

Audiences can expect to witness such mega illusions as passing through the spinning
blades of an industrial fan, a record breaking recreation of Houdini’s most famous stunt,
and the appearance of a real helicopter, live on stage.

More than a magic show, Reza infuses stage of the art production elements, masterful
comedic timing, and numerous interactive & inspirational moments, allowing the
audience to experience the magic first hand. Perhaps Reza’s greatest secret is his
uncanny ability to communicate his performance art on such a personal level.

Young and fresh, Reza’s new show, “Edge of Illusion,” has earned various awards
including “Magician of the Year.” Reza is intriguing, engaging, and captivating. He isn't
just a magician. He is a world-class entertainer.


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